The Greek word for “counselor” is “Paraklete.” Think “two pairs of shoes.”It literally refers to a person who comes to walk alongside. Too many people attempt to journey down all the paths alone. There are times, and paths, when we need someone alongside to encourage, support, and help us. Our symbol at Alethia is the compass, since our goal is to help people walk the path when they need us.

Making the decision to come to counseling (as well as the counseling process itself) can be pretty difficult.  Maybe everyone needs some counseling from time-to-time, but it takes a certain amount of health to get it!  We applaud you for looking…  so on our pages we help you learn more about our counseling team and how we come alongside people. If you are interested in scheduling with any of us, call us at 903 561 8955 today.


Back to the Greek:  “Alethia” is the Greek word for “truth – revealed, discovered, to be made known…” We want to help you and those you love discover how to life the fullest life possible.

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