Our staff

Chris Legg, LPC  I am the owner/operator and the lead therapist at Alethia.  I have been counseling since 1996.  I love to come alongside to challenge and encourage people to live in freedom!   I started counseling in Tyler in 2001, and have continued to have a passion for this community.  Coming to counseling is hard, and it takes courage, but I have sought to gather a team of therapists who are caring, professional and competent to come alongside us when we need a hand… and we all have times like that.  Take a big step toward a free-er, full-er life. www.chrismlegg.com


Millie Tanner, LPC   As a Licensed Professional Counselor I see people who have different backgrounds, struggles, and ways of coping.  Pain can come from broken relationships, cold marriages, or the devastation of losing someone we love.  In those times a therapist can give encouragement and insight by asking the right questions to lead to a healthier way of living.  Through this many find freedom as light is shined on dark places in their lives.  www.tannertherapy.com



Zach Herrin, LPC   I have been a counselor in some capacity since 2004. To recognize where you are gives you the freedom and choice to leave where you are.  Working with men and teens are high on my list, but I also love to help families and couples.  The counseling process can be encouraging when we put the hard work into it. I believe from experience it can make all the difference when we take the first step in asking for help.   www.herrincounseling.com




Keely Burks, LPC  My desire is to see marriages healed and parent and child relationships reconciled. I consider myself blessed to come alongside people as they discover the truth of who they are, choosing not to believe the lies they previously subscribed to. www.keelyburkscounseling.com





Amy Waters, LPC  Hebrew wisdom tells us that “in an abundance of counselors there is safety.”  The decision to seek counseling is both wise and brave.  It is a joy and a privilege  to come alongside people in this way.   There are few things more rewarding that seeing people get in touch with the truth and be transformed by it. www.amywaterscounseling.com


Allison Cooper, LPC I am an LPC with experience helping individuals, couples, and families. I enjoy working as a team with clients to help them gain perspective, insight, and self-confidence when facing challenges.  It is my philosophy that through the therapeutic relationship clients can gain strength and find peace. www.allisoncoopercounseling.com




Josh Berger, LPC Life is full of storms. The ebbs and flows they bring can leave anyone feeling shipwrecked. My role as a counselor is a grounding one: to equip and enable you to see light through the darkness. Together we pursue truth and beauty and lasting freedom.  www.bergercounseling.com





Debra Henderson, LPC  It takes courage and strength to ask for help. I have great admiration for the person who can admit they are in a “stuck” place, and choose to seek professional input. I am always honored when given the privilege to come alongside a person’s journey toward greater mental health. As a licensed professional counselor with NCC status and certification in trauma therapy, I have great faith in your ability to accomplish the task before you; therefore; I have worked extremely hard to acquire the necessary skills to assist you in the journey toward wholeness in body, soul (mind, will, emotions), and spirit.



Molly Moore, LPC-Intern
  I am an LPC-Intern, under the supervision of Chris Legg, and have experience working with children, adolescents, adults, and couples. I view counseling as a partnership where you, the client, and I, the counselor, work together to bring health to all areas of your life. I believe it is extremely important to take a holistic approach that not only examines the mental or relational issues you may be facing, but also the spiritual and physical issues, as well, to find a greater sense of healing and purpose.




Tyler Sullins, LPC-Intern
 I am a Licensed Professional Counselor – Intern under the supervision of Chris Legg, with experience working with individuals, couples and families My hope is to help clients gain insight and perspective in the midst of life’s challenges. It is a joy and a privilege to walk alongside clients as they begin to gain confidence and strength to deal with life as it comes. www.tylersullins.com





Ashlee Coleman, LPC
 The decision to seek the help of a therapist often comes when we find ourselves at the end of ourselves. As a counselor, I am here to walk with you, highlight your strengths, and help you develop the new skills that you need in order to thrive. I enjoy working with kids, teens, and their parents am eager to include your personal interests and preferences into sessions including art, music, sports, and play.






Kami Jackson, LPC “Strength doesn’t come from what you can do.  It comes from overcoming the things you once believed you couldn’t.” Your decision to pursue counseling is courageous and shows you are ready for change.  It is my great honor and responsibility to walk alongside you as you overcome and find clarity, healing, and freedom.  Your trust in me is a vital part of our work together and I am dedicated to providing a safe place for you. My approach to therapy is holistic, addressing the connection of mind, body, and spirit.  I work with individuals, couples, families, and groups. Feel free to call me for further information or questions.




If you are interested in learning more or in scheduling with any of us, call us at 903 561 8955 today.