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About Alethia Counseling Services in Tyler, Texas

Let’s take a walk.

Our symbol is the compass, because our goal is to better navigate all people asking for help. Not to lead the way, but to move forward together.

Making the decision to come to counseling (as well as the counseling process itself) can be difficult. Everyone needs some counseling from time-to-time, but it takes a certain amount of health to get it! We applaud you for looking.

Here is some information about us that will hopefully help you move toward making a wise, informed decision.


Maddie Welch

Office Manager

My purpose is to create and foster an environment of comfort, grace, and communication for our clients and counselors. I am always at work behind the scenes taking care of the little details so your time here can be full of purpose and meaning. My greatest joy is the privilege to help you with your first step toward healing and health.


Rebeca Farina

Administrative Assistant

I love helping our clients begin their counseling journey from the moment they first reach out to us, by connecting them with a counselor who I know will be caring and helpful to their individual needs. I look forward to connecting with our clients, providing them with welcoming and positive interactions every time they come into our office, and being able to see a glimpse of their growth throughout their time with us.

The Greek word for counselor is “Paraklete.”

Think “two pairs of shoes.”

It literally refers to a person who comes to walk alongside

Too many people attempt to journey down all of life's paths alone. There are times, and paths, when we need someone alongside to encourage, support, and help us along the way.

We look forward to hearing from you


Alethia Family Counseling Center

7925 S Broadway Ave #820 Tyler, TX 75703

Office Hours

Monday to Friday
(8:00 AM - 6:00 PM)

* Limited sessions available after hours and on weekends.

“Alethia” is the Greek word for “truth – revealed, discovered, and to be made known…”

We want to help you and those you love behind the pine curtain to discover how to live life to the fullest in East Texas.