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Our team of licensed professional counselors, associates and masters level graduate students are ready to walk with you through the difficulties of life.

Sometimes we need to add a counselor to our community as we navigate the paths of life.

  • Though we often try, we simply aren’t meant to journey through life alone. We’re just not. Life confronts us with this truth at every turn.

  • At birth, we need to be fed.
    From childhood, we need to be taught.
    As adults, we need wisdom, work, healthy relationships, help getting the kids to practice…and the list goes on.

  • Why? Because we were created for community.

  • We look forward to walk with you,
    this is what our team does well

Did you know that the Greek word for counselor means “one who comes alongside?” In some ways, we are like professional guides. We are a skilled team of therapists serving Austin, Nacogdoches, College Station and Tyler, and beyond. We are ready to come alongside you, point you to the truth, and empower you to live the life you were meant to live.

Why clients trust
Alethia Counseling


Transparency goes farther, and compassion carries the load. We will be honest with you, but only as beggars show other beggars where to find bread. Take heart knowing that empathy abounds at Alethia Counseling.

Getting through difficulty requires vulnerability. We understand the strength it takes to expose yourself, so it is important for you to know that what you tell us in confidence stays between us. Simple as that.

We are committed to finding a great counselor for your schedule. Our team has night and weekend availability.

You need wise counsel, which requires a wise counselor. We accept personal responsibility for the growth of our customers, and constantly develop our skills to better serve those who choose to trust us.





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So are we. In fact, we provide counseling services for hundreds of people every month from our offices in our offices in Austin, Nacogdoches, College Station and Tyler (Texas, that is). You are not alone.
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