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Bobby Austin

LPC-Associate, supervised by Chris Legg, LPC-S

I never pictured myself pursuing counseling but just wanted to be someone that was available when those around me were going through hard seasons. I am now grateful for the opportunity to intentionally walk through some of those seasons with people that might not have pursued counseling in the past.


Chris Legg

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor

I am the owner/operator and the lead therapist at Alethia. I have been counseling since 1996. I love to come alongside to challenge and encourage people to live in freedom! I started counseling in Tyler in 2001 and have continued to have a passion for this community.


Codie Cacy

LPC-Associate, supervised by Chris Legg, LPC-S

My role isn’t to be the expert on your life but to be in a partnership with you. I will meet you where you’re at and reciprocate each effort you put into attaining your goals. Together, we’ll work toward developing skills that foster fuller relationships, healthy behaviors, and emotional self-sufficiency.


Holli Barron

LPC-Associate ,
supervised by Chris Legg, LPC-S

Life can be challenging at times and taking that first step of deciding to begin counseling can be intimidating. Kudos to you for beginning that process by looking into finding a counselor! Whatever it is that you are battling, I invite you to take that next step toward healing. One small step in the right direction can make all the difference. I believe that you are the expert on your life and your experience.


John Marek

Licensed Professional Counselor - Supervisor

After 40 years of counseling, with a diversity of people, working on a myriad of issues, two things have become abundantly clear. First of all, everyone experiences challenging and painful life events. Secondly, each and every one of us has the human capacity to choose. It is now my firm belief that when a person makes the best life choices they are freed to grow beyond the pain and problems into the individual they are designed to be. Counseling is a framework to explore and implement those choices.


Natalie Buuck

Licensed Professional Counselor

As part of normal life, humans experience anxious thoughts, stressors, life changes, loss, diagnoses, and relationships that are challenging to understand and navigate.  My goal as a counselor is to come alongside you during these challenging times, to hold space for processing, to challenge unsupportive thinking patterns, and to encourage you to walk in authenticity and peace on your journey.


Ryan Oakley

Licensed Professional Counselor
Executive Director

The counseling relationship is one that has intrigued me for years, but deeper still is my passion for stories. Therapy is an excellent way to find answers, to discover the truth, and confront your greatest challenges. I am passionate about helping anyone tell their story, no matter how difficult the details.


Scott Hersey

Licensed Professional Counselor

Life is not always the idealistic, picture-perfect scene we desire it to be. Sometimes the waters of life are rough, and we are left feeling discouraged, lost, and overwhelmed. I would be honored to partner with you on your journey to smoother waters. As a veteran and counselor, I know that the most difficult step is often the first one and it would be a privilege to take that first step with you.


Shannon Legg

LPC-Associate, supervised by John Marek, LPC-S

I believe that healing happens in the context of relationships, and am dedicated to cultivating a welcoming environment where clients can come as they are and work collaboratively towards their goals. I am also mindful to integrate a variety of evidence-based interventions in my treatment in order to produce the most positive outcomes in therapy.

The Greek word for counselor is “Paraklete.”

Think “two pairs of shoes.”

It refers to a person that comes to walk alongside others.

Too many people attempt to journey down all the paths alone. There are times, and paths, when we need someone alongside to encourage, support, and help us.

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“Alethia” is the Greek word for “truth – revealed, discovered, and to be made known…”

We want to help you and those you live in the Houston to discover how to live life to the fullest in the city with no limits.