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Grief and trauma counseling services in Nacogdoches, Texas

Bringing healthy recovery to challenging circumstances

Grief therapists near me?

The following NC, TX counselors specialize in grief and trauma recovery services. They understand the invasive gravity of trauma, and the lifechanging weight of grief. They have specific giftings and experiences to help you walk through this trying time of life, not to mention the empathy needed to walk alongside you as you strengthen your sorrow with healthfulness.


Natalie Buuck

Licensed Professional Counselor

As part of normal life, humans experience anxious thoughts, stressors, life changes, loss, diagnoses, and relationships that are challenging to understand and navigate.  My goal as a counselor is to come alongside you during these challenging times, to hold space for processing, to challenge unsupportive thinking patterns, and to encourage you to walk in authenticity and peace on your journey.

Natalie’s rate is $120/hr