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Sorrow is consuming. Alethia offers in-person grief counseling therapy as well as grief counseling online. We are honored to move through the stages of grief with you as you give proper time and attention to everything you’re experiencing. Grief coping techniques vary between grief counseling for children, widows or employees, but all grief counseling promotes healing and acceptance. We want to meet you where you are and learn about your loss. Find an Alethia grief or trauma recovery specialist near you today.


Wayne Edwards

Masters in Mental Health Counseling

We are all wonderfully unique and have a special place in this life. Our thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are all connected. Awareness is critical to successfully navigating these three important components. My goal is to walk along side you collaboratively without judgment to help bring clarity into the dynamics influencing current thoughts and behaviors and to promote optimal mental, emotional, and behavioral functioning. I have my masters in mental health counseling and I really look forward to working with you.