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How do I co-parent well?

For many of us, divorce is a reality of life. But even if the marriage did not work out, the relationship with your ex continues because of your children. How do we love our kids well in a co-parent situation? This was a subject we at Alethia Counseling dove into in our recent “Navigating Divorce” workshop, and now you can watch the full video of each discussion below.

Amy Waters LPC-S guides us through vital steps to take towards being able to live in freedom in a co-parenting situation. Through watching this seminar you will learn how to better:

  • Understand your child’s needs from both sets of parents
  • Communicate effectively with your ex regarding your child
  • Help your child adjust to their new life
  • Encourage unity in both homes to facilitate your child’s growth


Co-parenting well – Amy Waters


Amy Waters walks with parents through how to best co-parent with our ex. Even when your ex is being overwhelming, there are ways to co-parent well and to love your kids throughout the hurtful situations.

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