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How should I help my child overcome their anxiety? Does my child need to be parented any differently? When my child feels anxious do I push them or let them avoid the situations that make them anxious? Should I be quicker or slower to let my child experience disappointment? How am I even supposed to figure all of this out? These and many other questions will be answered at Parenting an Anxious Child.


Parenting an anxious child workshop

Alethia Counseling, as part of its Navigating Speaking Series, presents “Parenting Anxious Kids Workshop”. This two hour workshop will take place on May 9th 2017 from 6-8 pm and hosted at South Spring Baptist Campus.  Our short introductory session will be led by Lead therapist, Millie Tanner, LPC where she will unfold a model of parenting that addresses the heart of our kids and how to help them better understand anxiety.MillieNext comes three breakout sessions to choose from, all with Licensed Professional Counselors, with the aim of equipping you as parents. Allison Cooper and Millie Tanner will speak on how to practically help kids with anxiety. Josh Berger will address how anxiety sometimes appears as anger in your child, and Keely Burks will be covering sensory processing issues and how they lead to anxiety.


Please call the Alethia Counseling offices to register at 903-561-8955.



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