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Play therapy services in Boerne, Texas

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Play therapy near me?

The following BOE counselors specialize in play therapy. They understand the intricacies of childhood emotions and the lifechanging benefit of understanding them. They have specific giftings and experiences to provide help during this vulnerable life stage, not to mention the empathy needed to walk alongside children as they navigate healthy responses to their very real experiences.


Katelyn Sullins

LPC-Associate ,
supervised by Josh Berger, LPC-S

Our lives are lived in seasons, and the rise and fall of those changes can leave us in great need. We were never meant to walk alone. My hope is that through counseling you might experience what it is to feel seen, safe, and free. It is my joy as a counselor to walk alongside others in pursuit of a full life, as we navigate through change together. I am a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate supervised by Josh Berger, LPC-S.

Katelyn is $120/hr