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Childhood emotions are challenging for young minds. Alethia offers in-person play therapy as well as play therapy online. We are honored to process overwhelming emotions with an approachable method that identifies and equips the experiences of everything these young ones are experiencing. Play therapy techniques are for toddlers and young children, ages 3-12. All play therapy counseling promotes understanding of and healthy responses to complex childhood emotions.


Ann Marie Denson

LPC-Associate ,
supervised by Josh Berger, LPC-S

Waves are beautiful and complex—some are big and and break with a roar, some are unknown while the current stirs beneath the surface, and some linger as ripples seemingly forever. Much like waves, our stories have layers. My role as a counselor is to get to know the layers with you, so that they might become less daunting, shameful, or hopeless. Along the way, I hope for you to experience safety and connection. Perhaps we even uncover some compassion for who you are in these waves. I am a Licensed Professional Counseling Associate supervised by Josh Berger, LPC-S.

Ann Marie is $120/hr