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Childhood emotions are challenging for young minds. Alethia offers in-person play therapy as well as play therapy online. We are honored to process overwhelming emotions with an approachable method that identifies and equips the experiences of everything these young ones are experiencing. Play therapy techniques are for toddlers and young children, ages 3-12. All play therapy counseling promotes understanding of and healthy responses to complex childhood emotions.


Ryan Oakley

Licensed Professional Counselor
Executive Director

The counseling relationship is one that has intrigued me for years, but deeper still is my passion for stories. Therapy is an excellent way to find answers, to discover the truth, and confront your greatest challenges. I am passionate about helping anyone tell their story, no matter how difficult the details. I have been exposed to some of the more serious cases of mental health disorders in East Texas and specialize in trauma processing, depression, and relationship dynamics. It is my desire to use the best techniques available to apply the optimal fit for you. You can learn more about me on my website.

Ryan’s rate is $120/hr
Please send resumes for the East Texas location to Ryan at

Ryan is a Lyra Provider, a Hello Alma Provider, and trained in EMDR.