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Did you miss our workshop? You can watch it here

Check out the full video of our first breakout session, Parenting a Child with Sensory Processing, led by Keely Burks. For the next three days we will be posting each breakout session from our “Navigating how to parent an anxious child” workshop.


Walking with your child through sensory processing struggles


Keely Burks discusses what SPD is, the many different ways that SPD presents itself, and how to parent a child that struggles with sensory challenges. Learn how to handle discipline and calming your child. You will also learn more about how anxiety and sensory struggles magnify each other.

For more books or resources, check out our resource page. Alethia Counseling also recommends any parent read “The Out of Sync Child” by Carol Kranowitz for more ways to better understand their child’s needs. Keely Burks is the founder of Restore Family Counseling and has been working with individuals and families for over a decade. Her intentional and hands-on approach has helped hundreds of families step into healthier and freer relationships with their loved ones.