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There are so many types of children, each with their own unique way of experiencing and expressing their world. Listen to these little snippets of ways a child’s creativity can be seen every day. Which child sounds like one of yours?


Your child’s creativity in many forms

Hannah believes in music.  She sees it as the best way to connect with other people, know that she is not alone, and inspire others.  Music moves her to action and motivates her. She would tell you that she has a mental playlist going at all times that changes to fit her mood or current situation.


Dylan feels most alive in an athletic setting.  When forced to be still, confined within walls, he feels like a caged animal.  He would tell you that being able to move his body, or even occupy his hands, has a unique ability to help him to remain calm, focused, and productive, even in very difficult situations.


Michael loves video games; really loves video games.  They are his favorite thing to talk about, #1 preferred activity, and sometimes seem to be the only way that he connects with others.  He frequently talks about his hopes and dreams of becoming a video game designer and has even begun his plans for his first game. Taylor’s imagination runs wild within the pages of a novel.  She enjoys escaping into other worlds, other people’s lives, and finding meaning beyond the words on the page.  She would tell you that literature inspires and motivates her, and helps her to feel free.


Ryan experiences emotional release when painting and drawing.  He can lose himself in a piece of art and emerge hours later, no longer overwhelmed, but feeling peaceful and in control.  He can tell you specifically about what happened and how he was feeling the day he created each piece.


What I do

Are you or your children like Hannah, Dylan, Michael, Taylor, or Ryan?  One of my priorities in counseling is to incorporate each person’s unique interests, strengths, and talents into the therapeutic process.  We can weave all kinds of creativity- from music to sports, play to books, video games to art and more- into evidence-based therapy that promotes healing and growth.