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How do I calm my child during a temper tantrum?


How do I calm my child during a temper tantrum?

We have all been there before. You’re sitting at the grocery store, and your child sees something they want. Before you even have a second to distract them, your little one is in an all-out explosion of anger. Your child has a temper tantrum, causing a roller coaster of emotion for your child with you being dragged along for the ride.

For children, the world is often a mix of extreme highs and lows. Their brain is still developing, particularly the prefrontal cortex. So this development means that children going to “fly off the handle” at the most minor issue. This is normal developmental behavior, and usually is a healthy season that children progress through. Josh Berger helps explain what questions a child is asking during a temper tantrum. For step-by-step guidelines to help your child during these episodes, you can check out Josh’s seminar below:


Parenting a child during a temper tantrum

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